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Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland

Queensland undoubtedly is a tourism state. Far North Queensland is one of the reasons why the state is maintaining its status as a tourist drawer. Far North Queensland is located in the northern tip of Queensland. Thus, the name of the region can be literally noted. The region stretches to the Torres Strait in the northernmost tip to the city of Cairns to the south. That brings about a long stretch of land and tourist area.

Cairns is surely the center of control in the whole of Far North Queensland. Cairns is more than just the administrative center of Far North Queensland. The city is the most developed and progressive compared to other Far North Queensland areas like Torres Strait Islands, Weipa, Atherton Tableland and Cooktown. Much of Far North Queensland is comprised of farming and native Aboriginal communities.

Overall, Far North Queensland is accounting for 12% of total Queensland state population. The region holds 26% of Queensland overall indigenous population. Far North Queensland has appropriate and effective representation in the state Parliament.

Major industries are cattle grazing, mining bauxite and sand, agriculture and tourism. Tropical fruits and sugar cane are the usual agricultural products. As for tourism, the region is trying its best to further promote its tourist attractions to lure more vacationers and eventually generate more tourism income. Far North Queensland is starting to realize the strategic importance of a strong local tourism to overall local economy.

The climate in Far North Queensland is what tourists mostly love about the region. Because of its geographic location, overall climate is temperate. The coast is touching the South Pacific Ocean so expect that Far North Queensland naturally has a tropical climate vacationers locally and internationally surely like.

There are two general types of seasons prevailing over Far North Queensland. The wet season comes ironically during summer. That is because rainfall is more frequent during the humid days in the Far North Queensland. The dry season comes in winter. More ironically, winters are not very cold in Far North Queensland. That is why most tourists coming to the region come in winter. Whereas most Australian states and regions are freezing in winter, Far North Queensland is a totally different story. In that event, it is an envy of other regions. However, far North Queensland is located in the cyclone belt of Queensland. From December to March, expect such tropical depressions to come.

Events unique to Far North Queensland are also crowd drawers. In May, there is Food and Wine Festival at Taste of Port. That is at Port Douglas. June has Babinda harvest festival and the Walkamin country music festival. Kuranda spring festival is on September as well as the sought-after parade of lights.

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